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Company profile
     Jianda hardware industrial Co.,Ltd. is a collection development, production, marketing One of the enterprises.
     Over the years committed to all kinds of stainless steel products resarch and development and marketing, introduction Advanced technology and eqipment to expand production scale, the strengthened enterprise internal management and TO improve product technology content, and constantly seeking breakthrough in the innovtion, the breakthrough In seeking development.
     By courtesy of friends from all walks of life love and support, business is booming. We listen carefully to each customer's opinion and the suggestion, make to adaop to the market products, make customer satisfaction services. To keep pace with The Times, fight for market Navigation.
     "Sincere cooperation, create brilliant" cantor Fitzgerald are consistently adhering to the business Concept.
     "Brand stainless products enterprise" is our pursuit of the goal. At this point, along the way, we go to, does not Abandon.
     Wish with all guests hand in hand, create a great cause, achieve win-win situation...